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Monday, March 19, 2012

Minimizing the Negativity

I'm at a point in my life where I just can't tolerate the negativity that is out there in the world. I go to work every day to work in a dysfunctional public school system with dysfunctional adults who all treat another like crap. My whole day consists of taking complaints and solving problems for parents, schools and adults.  There is rarely a day when there isn't some kind of crisis or negativity at work.

Lately I have noticed that when I come home I am assaulted with more negativity. I have family members who call me with a problem or a crisis, or even just to vent about something. Then I turn on the news only to see murder and mayhem, or some stupid politician saying something that really pisses me off. I've also gotten into a really bad habit of watching reality series like Housewives of X, Y, or Z-you name it. It just occurred to me that listening to women bickering on television is causing me more stress.

I feel that there is a lot that I can't control at work, but I do know that I can choose to react in a certain way. I am trying to not let the negativity get to me and I have been better at coping with it. My home life really needs to change, however. I need to somehow figure out a way to draw stricter boundaries with some of my negative family members or family members who just oh so love all the drama that they create for themselves. But how do I do that without being an insensitive bitch?

A huge problem that I know that I need to address are my internet habits. Twitter used to be a lifeline for me, a place where I connected with people who have similar interests. Lately it just seems like a lot of noise with constant updates of things that stress me out. It's a hard thing to balance because I am a political junkie. But at some point, it stops being about politics and it turns into just freaking craziness that I just don't want to deal with anymore. It makes me sad because I love politics.

I also know that I need to address my television habits. I used to hate reality shows, and then one day I decided that I needed to watch something on television that made my brain numb. I started watching the Housewives franchise, and then came Jersey Shore (wow, that's embarrassing to admit), the Kardashians and all their spin offs and other shows like Basketball Wives. This week I listened to women bickering and screaming at one another on television, and other women making excuses for their womanizing boyfriends...and I realized that something has to change with what I am watching on television.

I admit that it's going to be really hard to change my television and internet habits. I am going to have to dig deep into what I am watching and start little by little to watch other things. I really need to explore what I am watching and why I am watching it, and maybe I don't need to cut out all of my shows. For example, I watch Ice Loves Coco and it makes me so damn happy that they are such a cute couple who is so happy together! Regarding twitter, I started another twitter account where I am going to try to have a more positive dialogue and also monitor the time that I spend on twitter. I'm taking baby steps in the right direction. Something has got to change! =)

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