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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Want a Baby

Baby Blues

I want a baby. The words have been coming out of my mouth for about the last year or so, but today is the first time that I actually mean it. Today it feels different though, because I can feel in my heart that I am ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes that I need to make in order to get pregnant. And I'm really excited about it!

Unfortunately, I have allowed myself to gain a pretty significant amount of weight for the last decade. I eat horribly and I never exercise. My stress is totally out of control, which has harmed my immune system and has resulted in frequent cold and other illness. I am extremely tired all of the time and have been starting to feel depressed. Because I am so tired all of the time, I am not the most organized or tidy person at home. I feel like I am in pretty bad shape.

About a year ago, my boyfriend and I decided that I better get my health and organization in order before getting pregnant. I obviously never did. I may have actually even gotten a little worse over the past year. I am on and off the healthy eating wagon and exercise train, often falling off and not really getting back on. I just couldn't get the motivation to lose the necessary weight, so we pushed back our family plans for another year-while I once again vowed to get my health back on track before. But I still haven't done anything about it.

Today I am going to commit to making changes in my life so that I can be a happy, healthy and good mother. I am really excited to change!


  1. Good luck! And I think it's great that you want to improve your health and organisation before getting a baby.

  2. Wonderful - don't set your goals too high, though. Make little changes to start with and when you feel proud of yourself for achieving them, move onto the next couple. Health is the most important and being stressed hampers your enjoyment. Try to live 'in the moment'. One of my dearest friends is the most disorganised and indecisive people in the world and she has managed with two kids, so it ain't impossible! Sorry if this sounds preachy - but your blogposts are very touching x

  3. Well, that's great to hear about your disorganized friend! Thanks for the tip, I plan on taking little mini steps like you suggested. It seems so overwhelming when I look at everything that I want to do.



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