About Me

About Me

Welcome to Life of Her Own. I started this blog in order to reconnect with myself after years of being a workaholic. I'm a woman in my mid-thirties and I'm ready to make changes in my life so that I can live a happy, healthy and balanced life. Welcome to my journey!

I've been blogging for about five years. I first started blogging about education and later created additional blogs when I felt that certain topics couldn't be addressed on an education blog. Surely the readers of my education blog didn't want to read about politics, and many of the readers of my feminism blog didn't want to read about health-so I created separate blogs. Lately I have become frustrated that my interests have become so compartmentalized and I want a special online place where I can just be me. Life of Her Own will be that special place where I blog about whatever my heart desires.

I am a 36 year old woman with many diverse interests. I have been a teacher and school administrator, and am interested in education, diversity and multilingualism. I am also a business owner and investor. Always the consummate political junkie, I am a super progressive crusader and do-gooder. I'm ready to rekindle my former love of reading and travel. I am an unapologetic feminist whose biological clock recently started ticking. Work has overshadowed many of my interests for the past fifteen years, and I am looking forward to finding what fulfills me once again.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you!


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