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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Year of Fun, 2012-2013

I have officially declared a year of fun for myself. For the past couple of years I've had some tough years at work and lately I've been searching for ways to relieve my stress. I've also been overworking myself ever since my mom broke her back when I was in the second grade. Now that I'm 36, I feel like I need a break. I've vowed to have as much fun as I can between June 1, 2012 to June 1, 2013. And if it works as well as I think that it's going to, I suspect that next year I will have to stick with the tradition and come up with another theme-filled year.

I kicked off my year of fun with a weekend trip to Las Vegas. My boyfriend and I went with four other couples and stayed outside the main Vegas strip near Lake Las Vegas. One of our friends took his boat and we spent a sun soaked day at Lake Mead. In the evening we headed in a limo over to the strip to have dinner and watch two shows. The weekend made me realize that I don't get out much because I tend to overwork myself. The weekend marked the first time that I've also ever formally gone away somewhere with other couples. It took my mind off of thinking about work all weekend long.

Declaring a year of fun has already proven itself to be super fun as I sit and think about ways to have fun. Thinking about ways to have fun takes my mind off of the negativity and burnout that I have been suffering due to work. As I brainstorm and plan, I feel like once again I am coming alive and connecting with the real me. I've lost myself somewhere along the way as I have tried to live a life serving others. I'm dedicated to beginning to walk the path of serving others while also nurturing myself and my needs.

Always the consummate strategic planner, I've been busy thinking about ways that I want to have fun over the next year. I'm just starting to brainstorm ideas and generate a list of fun goals that I would like to accomplish in the next eleven months. It just occurred to me that so many of my goals cost a bit of money to accomplish, so over the next week I'm going to also generate a list of free ways that I can also have fun. Just some of my 2012-2013 Year of Fun goals are:

  • Go to Cabo San Lucas with friends. All of my life, I've prided myself on "authentic travel". Well this time I want to just hedonistically spoil myself at a touristy beach resort. Cabo here I come! I am planning the trip for August. 
  • Swim with dolphins in Cabo. Well, only as long as they aren't in the ocean. Because I'm scared to death of the ocean. And sharks. 
  • See the show "Iris" by Cirque de Soleil. In fact, I should probably even read a summary of what it's even about. Buy hey, it's Cirque de Soleil so it's probable that I will enjoy it. 
  • Go back to Vegas soon with friends. The next time won't be a relaxing boating experience, but a party type of weekend. I'd love to have nice dinners, gamble a little (although I don't really even gamble) and see a few shows. 
  • Visit two of my girlfriends who moved to San Francisco at least two times. I'd like to go alone once and take my boyfriend another time. I haven't planned what I'd like to do in Frisco, but visiting Alcatraz is a must! 
  • Go to at least two murder mystery dinner shows! 
  • Go see the Book of Mormon when it comes to the Pantages Theatre in Las Angeles.
  • Go to the Madonna concert this year when it comes to Los Angeles.
  • Take my two nieces to Disneyland for the first time. Maybe I'll invite one of our other new couple friends who have three small children.
  • Also I'd love to take my nieces to Sea World. It helps that there is currently a deal on Expedia that adults can pay the same as a child and that children under the age of three are free. Seaworld, here we come! 
  • Go to New York or Europe with my honey. Or Brazil. In fifteen years that we've been together, we just barely started going away on getaways together! We have a lot of catching up to do! 
  • Go on at least six formal hikes somewhere away from my local neighborhood. They must be a minimum of one and half hours! I'd love to visit Runyon Canyon in LA. 
  • Go on a helicopter ride to the Hollywood sign or go on a hot air balloon over Temecula. Maybe. Did I mention that I am afraid of heights? 
  • Go on a walkathon. Or a marathon. 
For years I've been frugal and rarely spend any extra money. This year I am going to make an effort in not even flinching when I have to spend money on some of these items. I know that I am going to need to spend money if I want to relieve my stress. However, this week I am going to brainstorm a variety of free alternative fun activities that I can participate in. I'm so excited!

If you declared a Year of Fun, what are a few things that would be on your list? 

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