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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dress


Today I bought a dress for the first time in over a decade. Once I started gaining weight about ten or eleven years ago, I stopped wearing dresses. I never wore a lot of dresses, but back in the day I used to like to wear dresses out to dance clubs or special occasions. I haven't felt good enough about my weight or body to even try one on in years.

Saturday I am going to the wedding of my boyfriend's friend and I am really excited about it. It will be the first gay wedding that I have ever been to, and it will be on a yacht that floats around the bay. For a week my boyfriend has been excited and asked me to go and get something nice to wear, get some makeup and fix my hair up. Usually he is pretty supportive of my weight or me dressing down. I think it's finally starting to be apparent to him that perhaps I haven't been taking the best care of myself lately.

At first I felt a lot of stress about the event. I know that many of the other skinny wives are going to get all dolled up with hair, makeup, heels and jewelry. I've never cared for jewelry and am sort of a minimalist lately in the makeup department due to allergies. I just hate comparing myself to the other women. I don't feel good about myself.

Tonight I went shopping and I just bought a dress. I am nervous, but excited. Tomorrow is my birthday and tomorrow I am going to mark the day as the first day of my new life, a life where I start caring more again about my appearance, health and weight. In a way I feel like I have low self esteem and am scared to death to wear the dress on Saturday, but at this point if I don't start trying then I never will begin to feel better. It all starts with the first foot forward. And a new dress.


  1. Nothing makes a girl feel better than a new dress. Well, except sex and new underwear and a bunch of other stuff. Anywho, is that the dress you bought? I like it. The wedding on a yacht sounds super fun...

  2. I've been the same way about dresses. I bought one pretty recently, in 2008 and that was the first one I'd bought since I graduated from 8th grade in 1997. Once I developed breast and hips, dresses were pretty much out. But I find pretty tops and skirts, instead.

    Whenever I shop, I always try to find one piece of clothing that looks amazing on me. Whether it's a shirt or a pair of pants or shoes. Something I can feel really good about. And when I'm having down-moments about my appearance, I piece together an outfit out of those favorite items. It usually helps. :)

    Also, Happy Birthday!

  3. Is the dress in the photo the one you bought? It's nice! You'll look great!

    Hope you enjoy the wedding!I'd like to hear all about it, too, so maybe you'll blog about it here. Ya think?

  4. Yes, that is the dress that I bought. It's very formfitting and even though it's plus size it brings out my shape. The fabric is sideways and sort of sways, and hides my muffin top. I am really happy. I can't wait to blog all about it later-)

  5. Pretty dress! Work on that self-confidence! Sounds like you are ready. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com



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